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Martin Walsh, the Petition Creator, joined by:

Philip Troy
John Moran
Andy Moore
Andy Mc Phee
andrew canning
John O Connor
Philip foster
M J.
Gavin Harold
M J.
caroline horca
Joseph O'Connell
John Donnelly
John O Connor
John O Connor
Sean Roche
Pascal á mcDaibhid,
susan jackson
Deirdre McGowan
gerard rice
Belinda Keely
Fiona Doris
Pat Grant
John O Connor
Mary Kelly
Timothy Ryan
Hilary Axelrod
john mitchell
richard doyle
Jeannie Frampton
David Walby
catherine stevenson
Jean walsh
Paula maccafferty
Marjorie Mc Daid
Joseph Craig
Aengus Melia
Derek Mc Cormack
Julie Darcy
Elaine costello
peaceiregaillimh Fentiman
John Ayres
Michael Loughman
Ben Cahill
Arthur O'Duffy
davina reilly
Brendan Condron3
Kim omahony
Eileen Halligan
Deirdre Moran
Aileen Twohig
Stephen Sinclair
lynn jackson
John Mc Nicholas
Elizabeth O' Neill
Mark Fitzpatrick
John McEnery
Seamus Kelly
Eileen Halligan
Edmund Corcoran
Edmund Corcoran
Andy Moore
Kathleen Mulligan
James Faulkner
Elaine carroll
Bernadette Palmer
Cilin Rush
catherine stevenson
Catherine Stack
Vincent kearns
Robert Mc Carthy
Carol Flannery
David Murphy
PJ Healy
Denise Byrne
John Rainey
kenneth sanyanga
Richard woodruffe
James manning
Maria oconnell
Shane Ruairc
Diane Hughes
john mitchell
Scott Lawton
Quentin Beirne
Matthew Coyle
Margaret Mc Entee
Siobhan Mc Dermott
Liam O Connor
Kevin fitzsimons
Joseph Gibney
Tina Maxwell
Brendan Condron
Karen kidd
Ray Doyle
Ray Doyle
Chris Robinson
davina reilly
Vincent kearns
Joseph Toomey
Chiara Pecorella
Gillian Conroy
Susan Moriarty
Susan Moriarty
Paul O'Connor
Shay Gallagher
Shay Gallagher
Keith Noone
gary mcnamara
leon morrissey
Rpbert Mc Carthy Snr
paul hayes
Patrick Coffey
Patrick Coffey
linda doherty
David Nolan
David Nolan
Sandra jones
Colm McLoughlin
padraigin NiCh
Niamh Taaffe
Mike Walsh
Fidelma Coffey
Martin Nigel Dolan
John Mc Nicholas
Ronnie Turk
Tom Kennedy
Damian McCarthy
Brian Duffy
Carmel O'Rourke
john doherty
david doyle
Tony O' Sullivan
John fox
TP. Niland
Emer Barry
Tom Bohan
Michael Cronin
Ruth Cronin
Terence Conway
Przemyslaw Czwojda
Søren Stuhr Mandrup
Søren Stuhr Mandrup
Damien Ryan
Seamus Ward
Anthony Dunne
Niamh McDonald
Toirealough de Barra
Andy Moore
Gregory eccles
Thomas Hegarty
Matthew Coyle
john morris
Pat Garvey
Joe Toomey
Joe Toomey
James Longworth
Oliver McCormack
James longworth
Tom kulke
Tom Kulke
Paula Whelan
Hazel Costelloe
Claire Ni Fhearghail
Claire Ni Fhearghail
Clare kennedy
Robbie Dunn

More details from petition creator

This petition seeks amendments to the Irish constitution. The amendments we seek are the re-enactment of the repealed articles 47, 48 & 50 and the reinstating of section 2 to article 27 of the 1937 Irish constitution.We are seeking these amendments for the purpose of overseeing the return to ownership & control of Ireland's natural resources , and the right to enact national referendums from state ownership and control, to the ownership and control of the citizens of Ireland.This will restore the position that pertained prior to the so called illegal first & second amendment acts of 1939 to 1941 when the then state (Oireachtas / President) illegally amended our present day 1937 Irish Constitution.As Irish citizens we have a sovereign responsibility to the welfare of our state & to one another. Now is the time for us to honour that responsibility. For more info, visit the 1922 and 1937 Irish Constitution Websites. Martin P Walsh (

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